[time-nuts] Advice on NTP server needed

Per Molund pmolund at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 16:12:52 UTC 2011

Hello again!

First I want to thank all respondents on the list for a number of advices
to my questions although it is not exactly 'time-nuts' stuff!

I have now decided to monitor eBay for commercial units for some days in
a hope to find a unit in an reasonable priceclass (and a seller willing
to ship overseas).

If I do not find a unit in an relative short timeframe I will pursue the
net4501 idea.

The reason for this is mostly based on the installation environment. I am
'piggy-backing' on an commerical site (ie. for free) and rack-space and
electricity are premium. I have also a need to have the installation look
professional in order to avoid to much 'bad' attention. The installation
already occupies a 3U receiver, 1U server plus a 1U GPRS modem, so using
an old PC for NTP server is out of the question. Also the additional
2600 kWh per year electricity (150W x2 for PC plus cooling) would strain
my goodwill at the site.

As for Internet, yes we do have an connection, but via GPRS so it is not
any good for ntp use. As for performance I am seeing 200-400 ms today with
GPRS which is not good enough for my application, I hope to get down into
low or sub ms range.


At 22:37 13.06.2011, Per Molund wrote:

I have an upcoming need for a GPS disciplined NTP server in a low cost
project. Checking price
on commercial units shows that these are out of reach so I have been looking
into the possibility
of building an NTP server. I understand that the Soekris net4501 single
board computer is still
available and affordable timing GPS units shows up on Ebay regularly so I
assume these compnents
could be used. I have found a couple of reference to ntpns software on
internet, however I have
not been able to figure out the exact hardware configuration required for
this implementation.

Does anyone on the list have any experience putting together an NTP server
based on the net4501
running ntpns?

Any alternative ideas for inexpensive SBC based NTP server?


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