[time-nuts] Low noise power supply recommendations

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Wed Jun 15 01:44:45 UTC 2011


I forgot to add, the Vishay bridge uses a Fluke 844 (OEM version of the
845AB) null-microvolt meter to read the bridge circuit. ESI did the same
thing, first using a HP 419, and then a Keithly 155 OEM meter assembly, for
their bridges.

The Fluke has its own supply from the line voltage. The batteries go to the
DC current supply for the bridge itself.



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On 6/14/2011 at 6:13 PM WB6BNQ wrote:

>Hi Will,
>You could consider building your own power supply system for the
replacement of
>the batteries.  Use a separate power transformer which, I suspect, would
be small
>as the current requirements would be low for driving a bridge circuit.
>The main company to look toward for high quality, low noise regulators is
>Technology.  Here is a candidate part to look at :
>This is the lowest noise (33uv/10Hz to 100KHz) low dropout regulator that
>handle regulating 24 volts and is adjustable, meaning use can use this
part for
>all three voltages (i.e., three regulators).  You will have to decide if
it noise
>specs are suitable for your needs.  Keep in mind that battery noise is
>random whereas the noise out of a regulated system tends to be constant.
>If you really think you need lower noise then you could consider an LT1000
>reference.  Typically the circuit designs for LT1000 type devices are as
>references and lack current capability above about 10 milliamps.  Adding
>additional current circuitry would add more noise.  See:
>Will Matney wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am in need of a very clean 24 Vdc power source, to replace some old
>> mercury cell batteries with. What would a good low noise, clean, power
>> supply be in your recommendations? I thought of using two 12 Vdc
>> batteries in series, and making a charging circuit with regulators, but
>> am hoping to purchase a good used supply off ebay, etc. The old circuit
>> used two 12 Vdc snap terminal mercury batteries in series, for 24 Vdc,
>> along with a 7 Vdc mercury cell, and two plain AA carbon 1.5 Vdc
>> in series for 3 volts. Any help and or ideas would be appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Will
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