[time-nuts] OT: Bob Pease died

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Mon Jun 20 19:12:00 UTC 2011

I think Bob died out of grief for Jim Williams. Jim's death came as a shock 
 alredy. now Bob. I don't think Bob could stand it.
I had the great fortune to meet Jim about a year ago and to work with him  
since then, and he was such a joy to be around. A mentor and teacher par  
excellence. Both of them had such impact on me and all we do here over the  
last two decades.
Here is a letter Bob wrote about Jim shortly before his death as posted by  
one of the commentators from the below link:
From: Robert Pease
Date: 06/18/11 05:05:08
I worked for him as a kid at Philbrick on band gap reference  development.
The impact this guy had on me as a kid are deeply ingrained.
He was bigger than life,untamed, invincible, an analog hero. An icon. A  
showman. A Czar.
They came from around the world to see him. His office, his breadboards,It  
was non stop fun and excitement.
Then he calls us to an awards meeting. I was only 19. He gives the new CEO  
the triple humper award.He pulls a three cup bra from a shopping cart.
I was in awe.Incredible entertainment.Justice served. Under the first cup a 
 V/$ converter. Under the third cup a F/$ converter.
I thought this was the most incredible event I had ever witnessed.Until he  
unveils the third cup contents. He reaches into his pants and pulls out his 
 letter of resigation.
He quit,efffective immediately to go to National. I was in shock!  
Betrayed.When he left there was a vacuum.I feel it again. 
I feel so fortunate I was able to experience him, and so many other  
talented and interesting people in the industry.
He will be missed by all.
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