[time-nuts] Replacing electrolytics - any disadvantages of high temp ones?

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Hi Brooke that is only the last of about 5 or 6 articles in the same journal
you need to find the others as well. Cyril used to work for one of the big
UK manufacturers I believe. I think I still have the paper copies  of E&WW

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> Hi Chad:
> Google found it:
> http://techdoc.kvindesland.no/radio/passivecomp/20061223155312558.pdf
> But it's not that informative.
> The best info I've seen on measuring components is the HP (Agilent)
> Impedance Handbook.
> http://cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/5950-3000.pdf
> I measured dozens of caps using a number of different methods to see how
> well the combined ESR and Capacitance meter I sell works.
> http://www.prc68.com/I/ESRmicro.shtml
> http://www.prc68.com/I/Capacitors.shtml
> Does anyone know of a modern cap leakage tester?
> Have Fun,
> Brooke Clarke
> http://www.PRC68.com
> GMail / AnalogAficionado wrote:
> > Cyril Bateman called Understanding Capacitors
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