[time-nuts] No more 60Hz, How do I discipline 120VAC 60Hz from a UPS

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I would suggest looking at double conversion UPSs. The plain UPSs put out square waves (more or less). A double conversion UPS takes the mains, converts to DC, filters it big time (easier to do with DC), the creates a true sine wave. 

These show up on craigslist often. 
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Subject: [time-nuts] No more 60Hz, How do I discipline 120VAC 60Hz from a UPS

I collect clocks an have many clocks with 60Hz Synchronous Motors.

How would I go about Disciplining a 60Hz 120VAC source from an
Unintteruptable Power Supply (UPS)?

This would solve both my problem with power outages and the new problem
of possibly undisciplined power from the power companies (Henry Warren
must be rolling over in his grave!)

I have no Idea how you would disciple such a low frequency at such a high voltage and
deliver the power required to drive several (or many) Clocks.

I assume you would start with a commercially available UPS and either a disciplined 1 Second 

or 10Mhz source such as a thunderbolt (also powered off the UPS or the batteries in the UPS).

Does anyone have an suggestions for circuits which would do this disciplining?

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