[time-nuts] When buying, watch for scammers

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Sat Jun 25 19:39:59 UTC 2011


You're correct, they can't leave a negative now. eBay finally wisened up,
and saw that a lot of the feedback was retaliatory towards the buyers, and
took away this option. The only two negatives I ever received was over this
very same thing. One guy wouldn't abide by the auction, or what the item
sold for, and another just plainly didn't ship it, saying he sold it to
somebody else, and took him three years to send me a refund. I left a
negative for both, and received one in turn.

I sold a scope a while back, and I did mess up on the weight, and it ended
up costing me about $10 more to ship it, which of course, I at the extra
charges. I wasn't about to ask the buyer for more cash, and to me, that
would have been wrong. When this happened the other day, needless to say,
it left a sour taste in my mouth.



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On 6/25/2011 at 12:25 PM J. Forster wrote:

>I don't think Sellers can leave negative FB any more. They can give
>"non-payment strikes".
>> Strongly suggest that you not only leave negative feedback but also send
>> note to ebay, stating the circumstances.  I had the same experience a
>> or so ago, did both those things, and got an email back from ebay
>> that "they would communicate with the seller."  I anticipated he would
>> give
>> ME negative feedback but he did not.
>> Bill
>> On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Will Matney <xformer at citynet.net>
>>> All,
>>> I thought I would share this, as it could save you some hard earned
>>> cash.
>>> I just won a piece of equipment off ebay, and I knew what it weighed,
>>> and
>>> it's size, when I bought it. It was to be shipped from Colorado to here
>>> in
>>> Ohio. When the auction was over, I sent in the payment, but the next
>>> day, I
>>> get an e-mail saying that UPS wanted more to ship it, than they had
>>> figured, at $16.00, and that they required $9.95 more. Well, the first
>>> thing I did was go to the UPS Stores website, and there, you can put in
>>> both city names, and zips, along with the package size, and weight. I
>>> did
>>> this, and the total came to $16.14, as I first thought, and was what
>>> auction listed it at $16 even. I sent a message back, and stated that
>>> no, I
>>> would not pay it, and that that was against ebay rules, and if they
>>> didn't
>>> want to abide by the auction, they should refund my money, and that I
>>> would
>>> leave appropriate feedback.
>>> Two or three days passed by, with no reply from the seller, and just
>>> yesterday, I receive the package via the mail, or USPS, which I know it
>>> costed less to ship the package with. They may have saved $5 to $6
>>> dollars,
>>> but not the $9.99 they wanted, and I still got it as quick as UPS
>>> estimated, but the point is, it didn't cost the $9.99 more to ship it,
>>> and
>>> it did not arrive by the requested shipper, with insurance. I didn't
>>> check
>>> with USPS to see what rate it would be, but that's what the seller
>>> pulled.
>>> I have only had this happen two or three times out of around 500
>>> purchases
>>> from ebay, but you will run into this with some. At any rate, if they
>>> request extra money, look into it, and I can assure you, ebay don't
>>> allow
>>> this. It could possibly be true, that the seller did indeed mess up,
>>> in
>>> this case, nope, they just wanted extra cash for what they sold.
>>> Best,
>>> Will
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