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Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Sun Jun 26 16:33:44 UTC 2011


I haven't looked into it for several years, well over 12, but I will take a
gander at this. What brand was the converter?

After reading about everyone out of the US having 3 phase, it makes one
wonder why we didn't do that years ago. As of now, the only 3 phase lines
around here are close to the major roads where business resides, but when
you get into the residential areas, it's only single phase on the poles.
The only way they would run it through, would be to supply some large
business, and that was the shortest way to get it there. Plus, even though
you have a 3 phase line in front, or behind, your building, you have to pay
for the transformers, and everything else to get it into the building. I
understand paying for the meters, but the line and the transformers too?
One would think they would gladly install them over the money they would
make from supplying the power.

Anyhow, back on topic. One could simply connect a low voltage transformer,
say 5 or 12 Vac, to the line to take the measurement from, attenuate it
down, and use a logging type frequency counter, maybe a PC ran counter, and
record any variance in the frequency over the year. Using a pc based
oscilloscope comes to mind too, as most of them have a frequency counter in
the software. Last, one might be able to use the sound card, and some
kludged software, say something written quick in Visual Basic, to record
this. Here you would use the mic jack, and monitor the incoming signal.



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On 6/25/2011 at 11:11 PM Don Latham wrote:

>Now you can get true three phase delta, with speed control, from single
>phase 220, non rotary. With wise buying, I got one to run a 1 hp mill
>motor for around $100 inflated rasbuckniks.
>Will Matney
>> I wish we had three phase everywhere, including our homes. If one wants
>> to
>> run anything like a lathe or mill of any size, we have to use
>> converters,
>> or starters (static converters). When I had my shop, I contacted AEP
>> about
>> installing three phase, and the cost of the transformer bank alone was
>> enough for me. I installed a rotary converter, which I home-brewed, made
>> from a surplus 25 Hp, 3 Ph. motor, and a 120 volt, 1 ph. pony motor to
>> start it rolling. The so-called static converters are nothing but a
>> starter
>> using capacitors, and when they drop out, you lose 1/3 of the power you
>> should have from the motor. The other route, you pick up the third phase
>> from the converter motors winding.
>> Best,
>> Will
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>> On 6/25/2011 at 7:04 PM Hal Murray wrote:
>>>magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org said:
>>>> It could be interesting just to monitor the phase of the L1, L2 and
>>>> L3
>>>> phases of the house. :)
>>>Is 3 phase standard in (some/most/?) European homes?
>>>In the US, houses and small businesses get 120/240.  That's 3 wires,
>>> 240
>>>single phase, center tap, with the center called neutral and connected
>>> to
>>>earth/ground.  High power things like stoves and dryers run on 240.
>>> Most
>>>things like lights and TVs run on 120.  As long as the 120 load is
>> balanced
>>>there is no current in the neutral so the losses in the line from pole
>>> to
>>>house are based on a 240 load rather than 120.  (1/4, for the same size
>> wire)
>>>You have to use a lot more power than a typical house to get 3 phase.
>> Here
>>>are PG&E's rules:
>>>  http://www.pge.com/tariffs/tm2/pdf/ELEC_RULES_2.pdf
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