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Sun Jun 26 23:29:59 UTC 2011


I guess the blue color did not come through.



WB6BNQ wrote:

>    Will Matney wrote:
>      snip
>      As of now, the only 3 phase lines around here are close to the major
>      roads where business resides, but when you get into the residential
>      areas, it's only single phase on the poles.
>      Best,
>      Will
>    Will,
>    I am going to have to disagree with your statement above (in blue).  In
>    residential areas the top three lines are 3 phase and, typically, 4
>    KV.  Yes, only single phase is routed to homes as 220 volts center
>    tapped via a transformer.  AND, you will also see three (3) 220 volt
>    lines at a lower level on the poles feeding the houses grouped for that
>    transformer.  Depending upon routing, there may be small runs that are
>    stringers from a transformer where only the 220 volt wires are run, but
>    only because there was no intent to continue the 4 KV bus in that
>    direction.
>    The reason for the 3 phase is to balance the load to the substation.
>    That is the transformers are spread out along the path and connected
>    (single phase) alternately across different phases.
>    At least that is how it is done out here on the West Coast !  I realize
>    there may be exceptions in really old areas of the country,
>    particularly along the East Coast.
>    I am located in San Diego, CA area.  What part of the country are you
>    in ?
>    Bill....WB6BNQ
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