[time-nuts] No more 60Hz, How do I discipline 120VAC 60Hz from a UPS

Stan Searing stans at sycard.com
Sun Jun 26 23:44:01 UTC 2011

Hello Mitchell,

I believe this is a W. F. Sprengnether Instrument Co. Inc.
TS-100 (presumably used for driving seismometers).

I have a pretty much identical unit and it remained a mystery
until I took the rack panel off to reveal the logo on the front
of the chassis.


I think that when I got my unit, the cover was flipped around
so the top overhang was on the back.  This way the overhang does
not run into the rack panel, but it puts the frequency adjust hole
on the wrong side of the unit.

In the picture above, you can see the (presumably) OCXO with its cover
There is a heater around the outside of the crystal housing.  What I presume
is the
dividers have a silicon compound dribbled over them.  In this area is
10 red modules (at least one of which is 7 pins and marked Erie 22254A).
The circuitry that presumably drives the transformer for the 60 Hz
output includes a 2N1302, a 2N1303 and three power transistors that
I think are marked 2N456A.

I don't think I'd put mine in my bedroom.  It clicks pretty loudly
every minute.


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Last year I picked up a frequency standard that inputs 120VAC (or 12V DC)
and drives a 6 0Hz Synchron motor based clock and also has a 120V 60 CPS
output on the back. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but now I
know I can run my old telechron synchronous clocks with this when the power
companies stop the 60Hz. There is no manufacturer's name on the unit, but
maybe a list member can identify it from the pictures at:


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