[time-nuts] Transformer design.

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Mon Jun 27 18:24:36 UTC 2011


Thanks. I started that article back in 2006, originally at Wikipedia,
writing at least 80% of it, and actually added the portion on RF and
impedance transformers last year, if I recall. It got too big for
Wikipedias liking, and they moved it to Wikibooks. I noticed somebody added
a good deal on the manufacturing of large transformers, just now, or how
the coils are wound. I just hope it isn't copyrighted, as it looked to be a
copy and paste from another document, plus the English needs a bit of
cleaning up.

I encourage any on here to add to it, especially in the design of RF and
audio impedance transformers. I wanted to do more, but never found the time
to set down and do it, plus I never really designed that many of them, only
power transformers. What I wrote was the basics, but didn't get into any
formulae, etc, which I would have liked to have seen included. Any help
would be appreciated, not just by me, but our entire electrical and
electronics community as a whole, especially any students who read it. I
even found a link on Google, from a Russian university, who had their
students read it at one time.



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On 6/27/2011 at 10:59 AM J. Forster wrote:

>A good article, IMO.
>> For any interested in the link for the Wikibooks article on transformer
>> design, the link is below.
>> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Electronics/Transformer_Design
>> Best,
>> Will
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