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Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
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Ah but transformer design will become a lost art and will spawn lots of
little garage industies :-))
I have certainly had some Heath transformers overheat and go shorted-turn
primary when used on 50Hz in the UK, and also some Japanese ones.......they
have 50Hz and 60Hz I believe unless they have rationalised in the last 30
years. What makes it worse is our nominal is 240V AC not 220
Alan G3NYK

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> >The only thing I know of, apart from clocks, that you should not run
> >on the wrong frequency are oldfashioned mechanical shavers.
> There are lots of consumer products sold in North America that
> specify 60 Hz only, and in which the transformers will hum and
> overheat if run on 50 Hz.  I have always designed with transformers
> that will accept 47-63 Hz, but many competitors do not.  As more and
> more items move to switching power supplies, this will be less of an
> issue (of course, in many applications the switching supplies
> themselves will create new issues...).
> Best regards,
> Charles
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