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J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Mon Jun 27 20:01:41 UTC 2011


What really needs to be unplugged are the damn polticians that meddle in
and mandate insanities about things they are clueless about, based on who
makes the biggest "campaign contributions".




> In message <29C8A27967AE5343BE5AD7A887C9BD1A1881268D6D at ESI-SBS08.esi.lan>,
> Davi
> d VanHorn writes:
>>Locally, there was a radio station running PSAs to tell people to
>>unplug their cell phone chargers "To save the environment".
> The ironical thing is that what really needs to be unplugged are the
> set-top-boxes, which often soak up 10-15W when in standby mode.
> Multiply by number of tv-sets in USA and you get a power plant or two.
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