[time-nuts] Three Phase Power

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Tue Jun 28 02:48:02 UTC 2011

The problem comes down to the lack of good storage to level the load.

With big thermal (coal or nuke) plants the mechanical power applied to the
generators has to equal the electrical power delivered to the load
(ignoring losses). If more power is put in than goes out the generator
speeds up and this really messes up the network.

However, the load from the network is not constant. People turn things on
and off.

What the utilities do, approximately, is run the big plants at the average
expected load. If load starts to increase or decrease, they vary the
mechanical input. However, when load gets really high and the plants are
maxed out, they bring on "peaking power" from gas turbines. The peaking
power is more expensive, so they charge big users more.

Basically, the utrilities know the demand will be greater at certain times
of the day, so they charge peak rates for the KWH used during tjose times.



> I really don't understand the 'over consumption' issue when it comes to
> utilities.  The production of electricity, in part, is related to load.
> However, the cost of the generating plant, personnel involved in running
> the
> operation, maintenance, etc., in other words, fixed costs, are the
> substantial part.  Therefore, the entity must have a sufficient revenue
> stream to keep it operational.
> If you cut utilization, you will have to raise the price of a Kw-Hr.  If
> enough people produce their own power, and stop utilizing the 'grid' for
> power, the cost or 'grid power' will go up to the point that folks being
> supported by the government will not be able to afford it.  Therefore, in
> order to keep electricity affordable, you need to use as much as possible
> so
> the cost per Kw-Hr is as low as possible.
> This analysis applies to any utility, phone, cable, power, water, etc.,
> where the charge is on the basis of usage.
> Joe
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> IMO, smart meters are a greased, very slippery, slope toward power
> rationing
> or fines for "overconsumption"
> -John
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>> Will & Bill,
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>> Centerpoint Energy has reached the epitome of laziness and is
>> converting everyone over to "smart meters" so people can better
>> monitor their usage... In reality it does nothing more than offer
>> real-time monitoring for the power company, and they no longer have a
>> use for meter-readers...
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