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J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Tue Jun 28 20:54:27 UTC 2011

IMO, hams are a much bigger market than time-nuts. Also the Test Equipment
guys. Here are some groups you might want to join:


All on YahooGroups


All on mailman.qth.net

There are loads more ham groups.




> All,
> By this fall, I intend on opening an online business supplying electronic
> hardware, so to speak. I know most on here do a lot of home brewing
> circuits, and what I intend to sell is things to make this possible. I
> will
> be selling turret terminals, eyelets, FR4 unplated board, Micarda, IC
> adapter boards, square pad boards, and anything similar to what's known as
> "Manhatten Construction" type board products. I am also looking at
> stocking
> different hardware to go with them. I'm looking at the old prototyping
> ways, such as using eyelet and turret terminal boards for quick
> construction, and the tools for it.
> What I'm hoping for, is that if any on here could e-mail me, at my e-mail
> listed below, and let me know what you may be looking for in these types
> of
> supplies, or what you wish someone would stock. I will indeed look into
> it,
> and may include them if there is enough call for it. Right now, I am in
> the
> process of buying up stock for this fall, so now is the time to let me
> know.
> Thanks for any help on this.
> Send e-mails to: xformer at citynet.net
> Thanks,
> Will Matney
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