[time-nuts] Fwd: Atomic Clock on a chip, only $1500

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Hi Dan,
the CSAC has been discussed here a couple of months ago. I will use your  
post as a shameless plug of our CSAC GPSDO that we did in cooperation with  
Symmetricom, as we are now allowed to talk about the product.
Here is a brochure, press release, user manual and other resources for the  
We basically take the pain out of using the CSAC so the user doesn't have  
to worry about designing software, doing a PCB layout, building low-noise 
power  supplies, configuring the GPS receiver, and building a signal 
distribution  amplifier. We also take the edge of CSAC lead times.
Basically you get a plug-and-play unit that requires very minimal design-in 
 and works very well out of the box.
Some advantages of the CSAC GPSDO compared to legacy oscillators:
  Temp range from -40C to +85C (hard to find in any competitive  product)
  Cesium lock time of typically less than 60 seconds (ditto)
  Less than 1.4W power consumption, less than 0.15W for CSAC alone, 5V  to 
36V operation
  lower height than most oscillators (OCXO, Rb, etc etc)
  True atomic operation for holdover
50-channel GPS receiver with WAAS, Auto-Sensing of velocity for  Kalman 
parameters, Auto-Survey Position-Hold mode feature, and -160dBm tracking  
  Extremely low g-sensitivity
  Phase Noise post-filter, and 3-axis  accelerometer


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SA.45s  CSAC
An unmatched combination of breakthroughs — in reduced  size, weight and
power consumption — brings the accuracy and  stability of atomic clocks to
portable  applications.

The Symmetricom SA.45s CSAC  is the world’s first commercially available 
scale  atomic clock, providing the accuracy and stability of atomic  clock
technology while achieving true breakthroughs in  reduced size, weight and
power  consumption.

Dan Schultz  N8FGV

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