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Sat Oct 15 14:57:44 UTC 2011

Cambridge Thermionic was on Concord Ave, just east of the Fresh Pond
circle. The building is now a storage warehouse.

They were mostly making screw-machine components by the early 60s. They
had a vast array of stake-in terminals and similar stuff. Very good
product, IMO. You could get damn near anything you could imagine in
terminals from them, uninsulated and insulated.

They also made a bunch of other electronic hardware like coil forms.
Again, very good quality.

The other thing they made was thermoelectric heat pumps and products using
them, like small "ice bath" references for thermocouples. I suspect this
was related to their expertise with ceramic-metal attachment.

At some point (70s? 80s? 90s?) they moved someplace else and changed their
name to Cambion.




> Les,
> I do sort of remember Cambridge Thermionics.  I came across their
> name back in the late 60's or early 70's when I first got in the
> frequency measurement "business".  I think I also remember seeing
> their name as a parts supplier in some WW-2 military radio manuals.
> Burt
>>From: "Lester Veenstra" <lester at veenstras.com>
>>     I wonder if you happen to remember a company called Cambridge
>>Thermionics.  Located in Cambridge MA, they made ceramic slug tuned coil
>> s
>>but in one corner was an individual with the off air frequency measuring
>>service.  As a duty engineer up the read at WCOP in Lexington, I
>> frequently
>>would get calls from him to tick a dummy plug in the modulator input
>> patch
>>(turning the board gain down was too much residual noise), so he could
>>measure us, and more often, to remove the carrier for a few seconds so
>> you
>>could measure some one co-channel. He never wanted to talk about how it
>> did
>>it, and absolute would not accept visitors who might learn his dark trade
>>      I had assumed that these days a GPSDO would remove the need for the
>>monthly "freq service" but I guess not.
>>I stood my last midwatch at COP and reported to the Boston Army station
>> for
>>induction into the USN the next morning.
>>73   Les
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