[time-nuts] Rapco 1804M - serial problems?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 17:56:11 UTC 2011

The short version: it's now OK!

The long version: I dug out the old terminal, found it had no mains plug, 
added that, and noted it was video out.  Dug out an old TV, found the 
remote control had corroded batteries (how often have I warned people 
about that!) had to dig those out and find a couple of fresh AAAs so that 
I could switch the TV to video input, and eventually got the terminal 
working.  Although the terminal didn't respond to the line feed 
characters, it did have a "display control characters" mode, and that 
showed that the data stream was OK.

Went back to the PC and noted that I had a very simple terminal emulation 
program supplied with one of the Delphi components I use (TComPort). 
Compiled that, and it displayed the data perfectly.  The program is 
supposed to emulate VT100, and that's what I had been using on the other 
programs (HyperTerminal and TeraTerm Pro).  Same serial settings, of 
course.  Why those others don't work, and this very simple emulator does, 
is a mystery which will have to wait for another day

It has to be the software, doesn't it?  Too fancy a terminal emulation? 
Port settings incorrect (but not on two programs, surely).  Answers on a 
five-pound note, please!

Anyone with an 1804 care to try it with TeraTerm Pro or HyperTerminal? 
And a Sitecom USB hub/serial/parallel box.

Half a day "wasted", but at least with a positive result.  I've let the 
eBay seller know.  My thanks to all here who tried to help.

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