[time-nuts] Epoch rollover?

Joseph M Gwinn gwinn at raytheon.com
Wed Oct 19 21:45:51 UTC 2011

The last rollover was in August 1999, just before Y2K, and the next
rollover will be in April 2019.

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Hi, gang,

		 Did we just have another GPS epoch rollover? My trusty old
Odetics 425
seems to believe the date is March 4th, 1992.

		 I could probably correct it in firmware, if I looked hard and
enough, but the ToD is still correct and the frequency standard is
staying nicely locked. Not sure if recovering the correct Julian date is
worth the effort.

		 Thanks much.

Bruce Lane, Owner & Head Hardware Heavy,
Blue Feather Technologies (http://www.bluefeathertech.com)
Assoc. member, AZA & AAZK for many moons.
"Salvadore Dali's computer has surreal ports..."

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