[time-nuts] Neutrino timing

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Tue Oct 25 08:16:42 UTC 2011

>> Think big.  The experiment has been done over 168,000 light years.
>>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernova_1987A
>> The neutrinos got here 3 hours before the light.  (Empty space isn't really
>> empty.  The dielectric constant slows the light down a tiny tiny bit.)
I am not sure that this is a valid test case. Although the neutrinos 
were detected 3hrs prior to the light detection from SN 1987A, with some 
possible detection 5hrs prior to that at LVD also under the alps, the 
detectors were detecting electron neutrinos which is not the same 
flavour as those in the OPERA experiment.  As these beasts oscillate 
between the different flavours I think it could not be excluded that the 
muon neutrinos,  which, if I understand correctly, the OPERA detectors 
are trapping, had already passed by.

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