[time-nuts] Best Cs in the world ?

Marco IK1ODO -2 ik1odo at spin-it.com
Tue Sep 6 12:20:11 UTC 2011

"Kurt Gibble, at Penn State, made major contributions to the field of 
primary frequency standards by developing models for the systematic 
effects within caesium fountain clocks," Szymaniec said. "The 
uncertainties of those effects, now reduced several fold with the new 
models and numerical calculations provided by Gibble's group, have 
been verified at the National Physical Laboratory and also by the 
fountain clock group in Paris. Together with other improvements of 
the caesium fountain, these models and numerical calculations have 
improved the accuracy of the UK's caesium fountain clock , NPL-CsF2, 
by reducing the uncertainty to 2.3 x 10-16 -- the lowest value for 
any primary national standard so far."


73 - Marco IK1ODO

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