[time-nuts] Looking for information on EG&G TS-RFS RubidiumOscillator

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Usually something from EG&G will come from a division of the company. Princeton Applied Research for instance. If you could narrow it down to the actual device builder, you may get better searches. 

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I have just come across an EG&G TS-RFS Rubidium oscillator and have never
seen any information on it.  There is a 16-pin connector that is relatively
well labeled, but some of the interface signals are still a mystery (like
what is the range of the 'DC light', and what is the interface to the 'lock
monitor' signal - also, what is 'REG MON').

Anyone with a manual for this one?  Or any other knowledge.  Google seems to
be pretty devoid of information.

Skip Withrow
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