[time-nuts] 60hz west coast electric grid gone berserk

Flemming Larsen oz6oi at yahoo.dk
Fri Sep 9 04:25:05 UTC 2011

Don't know if it is related, but 1.5 million people across Southern California, Arizona and in Mexico are reported
to have lost power Thursday afternoon due to a "power grid disturbance" according to various news sources.

-- FL

Fra: tom jones <epoch_time at yahoo.com>
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Sendt: 18:34 torsdag den 8. september 2011 
Emne: [time-nuts] 60hz west coast electric grid gone berserk

My 60 hz clocks in las vegas gained 4minutes and 45 seconds approximately.
At 6pm pacific daylight time I ran grid monitoring program which gets time updates from somewhere in washington state.  It showed the grid frequency at 60.06 hz..
the grid was at 60.06 from 6:00 to 6:15 and mostly likely much earlier than 6pm when I heard the news and looked at the grid frequency.
Power engineers say 60.05hz is where masive power failures woulld prevail.
at around 6:18 frequency was back in tolerance around +.025 hz.

This is most likely to do with massive power outage in southern california, arizona, seen as far as new mexico..

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