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On 9/10/11 3:20 PM, Tijd Dingen wrote:
> Same here. Does anyone know of an alternative source for that paper by Oliver Collins? I was trying to make sense of Bruce's generalization of the hard limiter, but found that to be a bit tricky without original paper...
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> Thanks Magnus!
> I have no access to IEEE papers.

It's a fairly recent paper (1996, I think), so odds are that Collins has 
an email address in that paper (I don't have it in front of me, or I'd 
check) that you could send an email to and ask.

If Collins is at an educational institution, they often have server 
space to put the pubs of their staff online.  IEEE allows an author to 
put their own papers up on their own servers.

Ideally, of course, it was done with government funding, which often 
comes with the "public work not subject to copyright" restriction. 
(note that just because the gov't funded it doesn't guarantee no 
copyright, it's just more likely)

( a bit of searching.. Oliver Collins was at Notre Dame, in Indiana.. 
ocollins at nd.edu...

Oliver M. Collins, Notre Dame Prof, Accused Of Using Grant Money For 

So it might be a bit tough to get a hold of Professor Collins at Notre 
Dame these days.  They seem to have purged everything online pertaining 
to him, and I doubt they are forwarding his email.

However, another search does turn up:
Oliver Collins, who now lives in Key West, Florida, ...

So maybe he'd be more than happy to talk about hard limiter design 
instead of his recent academic career..

You could try ocollins at ieee.org, for instance.
(IEEE AESS has support at ieeeaess.org for his email on the page talking 
about his Judith Resnik award. )

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