[time-nuts] Old Frequency Electronics standard and synthesizer

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Sep 11 20:38:05 UTC 2011

Hi John:

How about just changing the input voltage and comparing to the meter 
reading, i.e. are they 1:1?
If there's a power supply then watch it's output voltage as the input is 
brought up and at some point the output voltage will stabilize.
How about some photos?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

John Ackermann N8UR wrote:
> Years ago I found an interesting box at a hamfest.  It's from 
> Frequency Electronics and is labeled as a model FE-6018A Precision 
> Frequency Synthesizer.
> It has an FE-10A 5 MHz frequency standard, and several internal 
> filter/mixer/other stuff modules.  In addition to a 5 MHz output, it 
> has the following:  5 kHz square wave, 5 kHz sine wave, 50 MHz, 100 
> MHz and 100.05 MHz.  (Except that the panel is labeled "KC" and "MC"; 
> a date stamp indicates that this unit might have been built in 1969.)
> At the time I didn't find any documentation for it, and a Google 
> search today didn't turn up much either (even the FE-10A seems 
> undocumented, though I'm sure I've seen others).  I wonder if anyone 
> here has heard of this beast or knows what it was used for?
> Also, its power input is a DC connector that's similar to, but I don't 
> think matches, the DC connector HP uses on the 5061 etc.  The unit 
> came with a clearly after-market 18V power supply with the proper 
> connector.  I've never been sure, though, whether 18V is the correct 
> operating voltage.
> The only clue on the exterior of the box is that the label showing 
> proper readings for the meter on the FE-10A module indicates that 17 
> volts is proper -- but I don't know if that's being monitored at the 
> back panel or at some other point.  With the 18V supply hooked up, the 
> meter is reading in the lower part of the orange "normal" range.
> Does 18V seem like a sane supply voltage for a piece of gear like 
> this, or is it more likely to be 24 volts?
> Thanks for any info; I have the thing warming up now (on its 18V 
> supply) and hope to get some idea of how well it works; I had it 
> running 20 years ago but probably not since then.
> John
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