[time-nuts] Averaging Location for Position Hold

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Sep 14 05:47:40 UTC 2011

> Often, you can talk to the local city/county and find out where some
> accurate benchmarks are, typically on a curb.  They are used to define
> street positions and such. 

I'm in Menlo Park.  The USGS has a big office complex here.  That includes a 
bench mark just outside the front door of the main public building (map 
sales, talks, bureaucrats, ...).  There may be a better one out near the 
flagpole.  (It's out of the shadow/multipath of the building.)

I'd expect there would be an on-line database of that sort of thing.  Anybody 
know a good URL?


Google blundered into this, but I haven't checked much:
They have lots of records that aren't interesting but also a category of "US 
Benchmarks" that may be an interesting subset.

While hiking, I've seen benchmarks by CA Highways (I think) so "USGS" may be 
overly restrictive.

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