[time-nuts] Another LH question....

Michael Baker mpb45 at clanbaker.org
Wed Sep 14 12:53:14 UTC 2011

Hello, Timenutters--

Somewhere I saw a LH display screen showing an AZ-EL
display of signal strength.

Looking through the help files, I do not see where to call
this display up.

I made a screen-capture of it if anyone would like to see it.

I think that feature would tell a lot about what the
sky/satellite view really looks like from any given
window or roof vantage point of the antenna.

I also see the various LH operating parameters all spaced
out neatly.  I know that there are commands to change
the vertical scale of things being displayed but I have
never been able to make any of this work.  Several other
folks who were interested in the LH display looked at this
and had no better luck than I did altering certain aspects of
the LH display.

If anyone ever creates an addendum to the help files that
gives examples such as: "This is what your character string
should look like to do this or that" I would like to see it!


Mike Baker

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