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Paul A. Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
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You hit the nail right on the head.  Thank you for pointing this out.

I don't truly know what I want to accomplish, and without defining that, how
can you define what testing needs to be done.
Here are some facts.

1) I am absolutely intrigued, addicted, to the concept of precision
oscillators, I find them very exciting.  
2) I don't even know enough about the topic to understand how much I don't
3) I would like to try to optimize a given OCXO by adjusting variables, EFC
voltage quality, Oven voltage quality, the environment where the OCXO
resides, additional insulation etc.
4) TimeLab is a great tool but there is so much about I do not understand
5) I have at my disposal several Telco Rubidiums, a number of OCXO's  a
Z3801A, several WWVB Locked oscillators, TimeLab and a working HP5370B
6) I need a concrete platform to stand on a starting point to reference back
7) I do not have a climate controlled lab.

There seems to many variables to which I have not answers.  
Without the basic foundation, I am only making guesses and not well educated
ones either.


1) The Z3801 is likely to be the best reference source I can afford.
2) Temperature control of the oscillator is the greatest variable for a
crystal oscillator,
3) All of these items, EFC voltage quality, Oven voltage quality, the
environment where the OCXO resides, additional insulation etc. have varying
degrees of effect  on a given oscillators performance.
I use the broad term performance to cover the fact that I don't yet have a
comprehensive list of the oscillator's parameters.
4) A good place to start would be to study data sheets, find out what is
important to manufacturers, thereby seeing what's important to OEM using
these OXCO.

For those of you who are Hams this topic is very similar to a question that
is frequently asked of me and other hams..  What's the best antenna?
It depends; there are too many variables to list, with various weighting
factors, that are dependent on an entirely different set of variables.
Here in lies the rub

Maybe it time for me to listen more, and ask fewer questions.

Sorry for the long post.

Paul A. Cianciolo
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> Maybe 2 days would be a good compromise?

I don't think you are going to get a solid answer, especially since you
haven't mentioned how good of a result you want or need.

How about recording some data and telling us what happens?

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