[time-nuts] Synchronisizing a 100MHz TCXO with Tbold, pse help

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Mon Sep 19 13:23:24 UTC 2011


How closely locked to GPS time or frequency does your
TCXO need to be?

Would it be possible for your application to let the 100 MHz
TCXO free-run? Then you could use one or two of the ADC
channels to sample the TBolt 10 MHz and 1PPS leaving all
the rest of the channels to do real work.

This would then give you all the information you need to apply
phase adjustments to your ADC readings as an after-the-fact
software correction. Essentially you get all the benefits of GPS
time tagging and accurate reference frequency along with the
low jitter of your TCXO but without any of the additive noise of
a hardware PLL.


> Hello group,
> I like to synchronisize a fine 100MHz TCXO with the
> 10MHz output of the Tbold. The TCXO has a EFC input.
> I know this can be done
> using a PLL but I do not want to add noise 
> to the very good noise parameters of the TCXO
> cause the 100MHz signal is to be used to clock 
> a FPGA which controlles fast cascaded ADCs.
> Has anybody a circuit diagram to use?
> Thank you in advance
> regards
> Peter, DG4EK
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