[time-nuts] LightSquared on FOX

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Mon Sep 19 22:43:22 UTC 2011

Right! Good luck!

Falcone said today that $60M had been set aside for this issue.

At $10,000 per 'plane, that fund will cover 6000 planes. Hardly even a
token gesture, IMO.



> For aircraft-related stuff you may send your official Navigation
> Equipment Performance Variance Report form to your illustrious
> president o'bama via the FAA Inter-Agency Regulatory Communications
> Dept. All other non-military cases go to the FCC Office of Regulatory
> Review. You must include proof of the loss of use of the equipment,
> proof that said loss of use was due to operations of LightSquared's
> communication systems, the purchase date and depreciated value of
> said equipment, the amount needed (third party estimate in writing)
> to restore use of said equipment, the dates when said loss of use
> occurred, and a US$100 application review fee.
> Each case will be evaluated at whim, and there is a remote
> possibility that you may receive some reimbursement - if you donated
> to The Party, and if there are any funds recovered from the Solyndra case.
> Ed
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