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In the Silicon Valley there is enough money going around that would finance
Solyndra, Tesla, or any technology good enough to convince venture
capitalists they are profitable. Google, Apple don't know where to put their
money. If Solyndra was feasible, it would not have had to get our money
(there is no such thing as government money). 

I wish we'd get an itemized statement for our tax money, like we get for
property taxes (library 0.2%, city 0.8%, etc.). People are very reactive to
a $10 increase in their cable bill, and check thoroughly the restaurant
check, but charges like $2500 per person per year go unnoticed.  Would a
family of four prefer a $10k luxury vacation or a war in Iraq? Or perhaps
lobby towards more money to education, now 7x smaller than what goes towards

Anyway, this is now 2 degrees of separation from time-nuts.

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You might want to investigate Solyndra's technology, excluding the politics.
It is not competitive today, however it is a low energy to produce product.
That is, it will produce the amount of energy it took to produce must faster
than conventional photovoltaics, which takes about 20 years.  Ultimately
thin film solar cells will be the dominant technology. 

Remember, Fox News lost money for a decade. It takes time to build a

The US portion of the investment in Solyndra is about 2 to 3 days of either
of Bush's unfinanced, off the books, illegal wars.

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