[time-nuts] Fast than light neutrino

Jean-Louis Oneto Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
Fri Sep 23 21:07:59 UTC 2011

Just a thought: would it be possible that the bedrock act as a 
negative-index composite material for neutrinos: that would make them faster 
than light, but since it's not in vacuum, they would still be "politically 
correct" ???
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>>More: are neutrinos supposed to travel from CERN to Gran Sasso via what?
> Via solid rock.
>>Is there a 730Km long empty pipe [...]
> No, and you'd need one to actually try the same distance with photons.
> The complication is that the solid rock path is actually used as sort
> of a filter for the neutrinos, nothing else goes through 730km bedrock
> so if you see anything coming from that direction, you can be pretty
> certain that it is neutrinos.
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