[time-nuts] Using a frequency synthesizer replacement for motherboard oscillator

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 2 21:16:52 UTC 2012


On 12/02/2012 08:54 PM, Erich Heine wrote:
> Jonathan,
> My research group has had some good experiences using products from Endace (
> http://www.endace.com/) for network timing measurement at the ethernet
> level. I don't have a pointer immediately to the work, but if there is
> interest can ask tomorrow at work. The gist of it though was to understand
> precise timing characteristics of network switches for better simulation.
> Examining the time "in switch" for various packets at the microsecond level
> was needed to understand various delay curves for different network loads,
> with an ultimate goal of proper statistical modeling reflecting reality as
> close as possible.

This is a bold challenge, it's a difficult task (clear speak: there is a 
reason for this to be a research field, industry never *really* got it 
under control).

> I personally have also used endace products to measure packet timings for
> research, but I didn't need so much precision for that work - however I can
> say they have a good API and decent tech support for interacting with their
> cards and products.

Is there native support with Linux kernels?
It would be very nice to have the support using SO_TIMESTAMP and friends.


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