[time-nuts] -hp- 5065A battery pack

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Tue Dec 4 23:47:35 UTC 2012

I've just finished fitting new cells into my 5065A battery pack.  A bit 
of a struggle since it is quite a tight fit to re-use the original 
plastic container.  For information, the only cells I could find that 
just about fit, and even then one has to remove the plastic covering 
from them, were the tabbed version of part number CD-SC2200P from 
BatterySpace.com.  These are 2200 mAH Sub C NiCads, so very similar in 
capacity to the originals.  Total cost including tax and shipping, was 
around $60 for the 21.

Southern California Edison can now resume their normal abysmal 
service...   :^)


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