[time-nuts] Very challenging phase noise measurement, does anyone have an idea??

Marek Peca marek at duch.cz
Wed Dec 5 22:34:13 UTC 2012

>>> running mode and lock the other one to the first one using an XOR gate 
>>> and then use the output of the XOR gate as an output signal. However, 
>>> we are wondering if any of you know a better idea. Maybe there is an 
>>> off-the-shelf piece
> Nearly any idea is better than the XOR gate you proposed. A simple 
> double balanced diode mixer followed by an LT1028 preamp would easily 
> meet your needs.

What about simply mixing two signals in a resistor network, sampling by 
ADC, and mixing purely in DSP domain on a non-linearity (e.g. f(x)=x^2)?


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