[time-nuts] STM32 based thing (was GPSDO Alternatives)

Fabio Eboli fabioeb at quipo.it
Fri Dec 7 13:28:25 UTC 2012

Bob Camp <lists at rtty.us> ha scritto:

> Hi
> I believe your second counter (the one that starts on one edge and  
> stops on the other) will have trouble. It is unlikely you will get  
> your 14 ns resolution out of it.

Are you thinking to sync logic inside the device or
other problems? (not considering "defects" like bugs or silicon errata).

> The analog TDC is a fine idea. Cheap, easy,

Easy for many, not for me. This is why
I like the idea to play with the TAC, I have very
little experience with such high speed stuff, it's like
going where I've never been, so I'm curious.

> and requires a few parts that are not built into the micro  
> controller. The simple answer is to use a cheap CPLD (possibly sub  
> $2) for a bunch of this stuff and move on.

A possible way to go if I cannot reach meaningful results
form the Idea I want to try.
Now I dont have pld stuff at hand, I should make a board
and buy the parts, or search for devboards,
while the micro stuff I have is there, ready to go :)


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