[time-nuts] GPSDO Alternatives

Tom Miller tmiller at skylinenet.net
Fri Dec 7 17:35:40 UTC 2012

And then it becomes popular and guess what happens to the price?


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To "win" the hourglass vs cesium fair trade proposition you need to come up
with a gizmo that:

1) Does 1-10 above
2) Works with just a GPS and OCXO added.
3) Costs less than $100
4) Works as well as a TBolt
5) Has a Lady Heather like monitor program to go with it

For the sake of eliminating crazy GPS cards. Let's say you also need a
source where we can buy both the OCXO and GPS used for less than $100.

If you want to factor in lower performance, I'll grant a waver for the fact
that you can average multiple gizmos and the result will get better by the
square root of the number of gizmos. If it's half as good as a $200 TBolt it
needs to be 1/4 the price.


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