[time-nuts] FE-5680A OSMT connector / RS232

gary lists at lazygranch.com
Mon Dec 10 07:27:13 UTC 2012

EIA-232 trip points are positive so that you can cheat and drive them 
with logic, so it is not unusual to find 232 that doesn't go negative. 
This is OK for short distances. This should not be called 232, but often 
they state 232 "compatible." You can take a logic gate and make it 
handle +/-15V with clamping diodes and a resistor divider, so some 
devices don't even use 232 chips.

Looking at the datasheet, it appears 232 is an option.

On 12/9/2012 10:24 PM, James Peroulas wrote:
> For the record, my device did have an OSMT (not Hirose) connector on the
> DDS board.
> I'm having trouble getting the internal RS232 port on the DDS board to work
> and I was wondering if there were any tricks to it? I'm not able to get it
> to respond to the 'S' command and when I measure the voltage on the RS232
> TX pin (#2 from the left) it's always 0v. Shouldn't it be -12v when idle?
> Thanks,
> James
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:22 PM, James Peroulas <james at peroulas.com> wrote:
>> Was wondering if anyone ever confirmed the type of RF connector found
>> internally in the FE-5860a?
>> I've seen several posts calling it a Hirose U.FL, but the linked thread
>> suggests that it might actually be an OSMT connector:
>> http://www.vklogger.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10289
>> Or is everyone simply soldering cable directly to the center pin?
>> Thanks,
>> James
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