[time-nuts] EIP545A 18GHz counter query

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Mon Dec 10 13:41:13 UTC 2012

> I have an EIP counter with a problem, stashed, that I need to look at 
> eventually. So have been following the thread a bit.

> If you guys get somewhere conclusive (or not), might be nice to post a
> summary of all important details, techniques, or circuit notes beyond 
> the manual, found, to this thread for closing to posterity searchers. 
> (And me.)

> And, in the mean time, good luck, bon debugging.

> -Rex

10/12/2012 13:40

Will do Rex, but I was worried this thread may not have been strictly on
topic for this reflector. Comments?

       Best Regards,
                   Chris Wilson.

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