[time-nuts] 5061A Beam Current question

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Tue Dec 11 04:59:19 UTC 2012

I've got a couple questions on a early S/N 5061A I got a few days ago.

It took a couple days but the Ion Pump current is now down to "zero"
or at least less then one division on the meter.

I'm able to get the unit to go into continuous operation mode by
following the TURN-ON PROCEDURES but have
a few qestions

1. The unit 'sings' I'm tone deaf but its a high pitch. It could take
some doing to isolate where it is coming from. Any
ideas ?

2. How much should the beam current change when turning the OSC

On time about 45 to 60 minutes

The current scribbled on the door is 19, I'm running pretty much 30.
When making the adjustment the difference
between the peak and any other position is only plus/minus a max of 2 or 3.

3 And i guess for last, are there any false modes that will turn off
the ALARM and turn on the Con't Operation light ?



PS Anyone have a side panel without the front handle broken ?

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