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Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 11 07:04:41 UTC 2012

On 12/10/2012 02:53 PM, Jim Lux wrote:
> On 12/9/12 10:14 PM, DaveH wrote:
>> http://www.scmagazine.com.au/News/325731,researchers-find-crippling-flaws-in
>> -global-gps.aspx
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> the actual paper is at:
> http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~dbrumley/courses/18487-f12/readings/Nov28_GPS.pdf

We had one incident here in Sweden when a complete network went down due 
to a GPS bug. As PRN32 became enabled, it got selected and tracking data 
was collected in a sat[32] vector, which is obviously unsafe so it 
overwrote critical data and crashed. In fact, they all did this within a 
minute or so as it came up above the horizon. It took a bit of advanced 
guesswork from my side to find that flaw. It was one of those "blame the 
solar flare" incidents, but we had data from the solar flare 
measurements that showed a small deviation, the day after.

So yes, you can attack this way.


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