[time-nuts] MT3339 PA6H and Racal Dana GPIB, update

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Ok, those plots look much more "real". Thanks for sharing.


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Bob, timenutters
here are the first results, hope
I'm not boring the members with these
posts, for most participants these
are basic things.
Now I'm trying to understand if the
setup is working or I have to modify
some things.

The logging is at 47000 samples and going,
the script is working well now, and I dont
have glitches so far.
Raw data, time interval between the pulses:

Positive thing is that the drift seem consistent
with the previous decimated pulse period data.

Data corrected for linear drift and offset, the
actual values are in the graph:

Here I dont' like very much what I see,
but surely I'm not knowledgeable enough
to judge the data :)

Some notes for who didnt read previous posts:
Racal 1992 counter, start on pps from FE5680 #1
stop on gps pps from PA6H GPS module,
Counter External standard is 10MHz from FE5680 #2.

The Fe5680 #2 was powered one hour before the
session start, and it's mounted near the FE5680 #1,
so there is some thermal stabilization
in the first hours.
Also I dont have any signal amplification and
squaring, the trigger on the counter is set
at half the pulse peak voltage, both rising

Is the graph what I should expect from the gps
signal, or I'm seeing some problems in the


Bob Camp <lists at rtty.us> ha scritto:

> Hi
> That approach works well. If you have them about a half second apart  
> I'd stick with that setup.
> Bob

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