[time-nuts] Inexpensive modular gps with 1pps

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Dec 15 08:19:13 UTC 2012

ghane0 at gmail.com said:
> You mention "low cost units which require you to add a power connector,
> etc".  Could you recommend any that can be bought online?  With RS-232,
> please?

There are two obvious choices.  A bit of googling may find more details 
and/or other boards.


The new favorite is the Sure demo board.
(The version with the Bluetooth is cheaper than the one without.  ??)



The old standby is the Garmin GPS-18x-LVC.  Garmin makes several versions of 
the GPS-18x.

Be sure to get the LVC version.  The others don't have a PPS.

I got mine from Provantage for roughly $70.

Setup info:

The GPS-18 (no x) is the older version.  You probably can't find it for sale. 
 It's much less sensitive, but gave much better timing over the serial port.


The GlobalSat MR350P is another option.  It comes with a PS2 connector, but 
you can chop that off.  Their adapter cable doesn't include the PPS.


That PPS is only 1 uSec wide which may be too narrow for some/most systems to 

They sell a couple of adapter cables, but none of them support PPS.

You can stretch the PPS signal with the TAPR FatPPS.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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