[time-nuts] Z3805A cooling requirements?

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Mon Dec 17 01:33:35 UTC 2012


On 12/17/2012 02:16 AM, Said Jackson wrote:
> One item I forgot to mention:
> One of the most airflow sensitive parts inside a GPSDO is the tcxo used on the GPS receiver. Some GPS don't even use a tcxo, just an XO. They shall remain unnamed.
> Just lightly blowing on an M12+ GPS will make it lose lock immediatly.
> This is easy to try for time nuts, and to verify the sensitivity to airflow.
> Bye,
> Said

This comes as no surprise. I'm happy to learn about the details of your 
findings on the off-list form.

It does bring up the point that the GPS receivers clock should either be 
locked up or replaced with a stabler clock, preferably OCXO or derivate 
there off.

Maybe time to do a small hack for illustratory purposes?


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