[time-nuts] Any information on FEI FE-5607(C) Rb Freq Std?

Christoffer Bruman bruman at telia.com
Mon Dec 17 23:15:59 UTC 2012

Dear listmembers,

I am looking for any and all information available on a FEI FE-5607 
Rubidium Frequency Standard, (rugged/mil unit), with a TNC RF output 
jack and a circular mil. multi-pin power/control connector.

It looks kinda similar to the  current (?) FEI-Zyfer FE-5600M, but I 
have yet to find any kind of useful information, even the connector 
pinout would be of great help.

Best Regards + Merry Xmas to all of You!

Chris *<:)

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