[time-nuts] MesoAmerican calendars, Solstice, etc.

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On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 1:27 PM, Chris Albertson
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> > But just like other time scales, how did those mesoAmericans reconcile
> >> their 360 day cycle to 365.25... day intervals between solstices?
> >>
> >
> They had a five day ong party wherethey didn't work.  They took those days
> off.  Not kidding, they resync'd every year.   Kind of like leap days all
> stuck on the end of the year.

Just to nitpick:

   1. If you are a hunter/gatherer, no work for 5 days leaves you in very
   bad shape
   2. If you are a farmer, no work for 5 days could kill you next year

The idea of a multi-day holiday can only occur in a capitalist, wage slave,
economy, I think.

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