[time-nuts] Lady Heather Operation Questions

dlewis6767 dlewis6767 at austin.rr.com
Tue Dec 18 08:40:57 UTC 2012

I have a few questions, please, ...re: Lady Heather.  I have had this application installed for some time, ...but have not used it since I thought it was only for Thunderbolt GPSDO.

Since I have yet to afford a TB, (maybe Santa will come this year  ).  I have, however, recently added a Trimble Resolution T timing module to my growing collection of ‘affordable’ GPS module.  

This little credit-card sized GPS is really easy to work with, cheap, and fired up fast with a 1pps output.  Resolution T is Just a tiny GPS, though, not a GPSDO.

Back to Lady Heather.  I did succeed in connecting LH to the Trimble Resolution T.  Appears LH is designed to analyze it’s 1pps data (using Trimble TSIP protocol - a type of NMEA data).  I was using Trimble’s ‘Studio’ GPS monitor application, which is good, but basic to the module functionality.

A few questions regarding LH, please:
  1.. Is there an operator’s manual?  Operationally, LH is rather intimidating.  While free (a good price), the user interface is somewhat crude.  A manual for me to read is almost a necessity. 
  2.. The LH opening screen displays a rather big analog clock in the top right quadrant most of the time.  Sometimes it opens with ‘ADEV’ data and no analog clock.  What controls what is displayed? 
  3.. In the Trimble Resolution, there is only its’ internal oscillator and the 1pps output, so that is all that LH has to analyze, but in a Thunderbolt, does she also analyze the 10MHz output?
Basic questions, I know.  Just getting into LH operation.  

Don Lewis  Austin, TX (Hyde Park) 
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