[time-nuts] Anyone know how to remove Option H14 from HP 58503A?

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 16:08:08 UTC 2012

Hello Nuts,

I have an HP 58503A with option H14, the Even Second Output (which doesn't
start operation unitil the unit achieves GPS lock), and would be interested
in getting it back to 1pps.  I have compared the unit to one with 1pps and
can see no difference.  There seems to be no jumpers that are inserted or
removed, and the DIP switches are in the same positions (BTW, anyone know
what they do?).  Have not tried reverse engineering the schematic or
started probing yet.  Perhaps it is a memory location in eeprom that is
access through some kind of diagnostic function?

Any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Skip Withrow

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