[time-nuts] Z3805A cooling requirements?

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Thu Dec 20 02:28:15 UTC 2012

I did the test with my 53132A as a fan blowing on the 10811 after removing  
the shielding and letting it stabilize first. The rate of flow from the 
counter  is actually not very strong, but the effects are massive.
Attached are the results, and they speak for themselves. There is an ADEV  
plot with the unit inside the foil insulation without airflow showing  a 
very nice 1E-012 to 2E-012 stability all the way up to 100s, then  the ADEV 
with airflow on the unit, as well as 10 minutes worth of frequency  plot while 
inside the airflow. The ADEV is about 10x worse at around 100s and  pretty 
much goes straight up at intervals greater than 2 seconds.
This result is in line with our DOCXO oven tests we had done some years  
ago. QED.
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Ok, what happens if you keep the air gun in the exact  same position and 
let it stabilize for an hour with no insulation around the  OCXO ?


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