[time-nuts] What time...

mike cook mc235960 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 17:56:32 UTC 2012

Le 20 déc. 2012 à 18:16, Burt I. Weiner a écrit :

> Excuse me for asking... Can anyone tell me what time the world is supposed to come to an end tomorrow?  We have a lot of shopping to do and thought it would be nice to be home and watch it on happen on TV.
  I think its nigh. Here in France journalists from the world over ( NYT included) are massed at Burgarach (old French Burgerac). They are currently observing and hoping for interviews with a man carrying a sandwich board reading "The End is Nigh" and 'Eat at Joe's". 
Local 'Homeland Security', otherwise known as the CRS have circled the commune of 187 souls and are refusing access to anyone without a million dollars in cash. They are saying that the end of the world cannot happen on their watch, and if by chance it did, they are well place to scoot up the mountain and get whisked away by the aliens hiding there.

> and follow the instructions there.

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