[time-nuts] NMEA Software

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Thu Dec 20 22:34:41 UTC 2012

Hi Rick,

On 12/20/2012 11:05 PM, Rick Karlquist wrote:
> I have an Outback S-Lite tractor GPS with a serial port with NMEA.
> Is there ready-to-use software to read out in lat/long
> from this port?  Maybe I can talk to it with hyperterminal
> and make it just keep sending lat/long once per second or
> something.  Is there a command set?
> I'd like to use this for laying out antennas, etc. (ie surveying).

Most NMEA capable recievers just outputs NMEA messages for every second 
(solution). It's trivial to parse. I have some simple C code that does 
it which makes trivial re-parsing. If you know how to read NMEA 
messages, it's essentially in clear-text anyway.

Starting with a Hyperterminal (or similar) is a recommended.

Default rate for NMEA is 4800 baud, 8 bit, no parity and 1 stop bit if I 
recall things correctly. No handshaking.

Your GPS receiver may have one of many command variants. The milage may 
vary on that aspect.


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